Handmade clothes that are fun to put on and move in for everyone! My mission is to create one of a kind pieces that bring a playful and sustainable edge to your closet.

How BHR does this:

Upcycling. Each piece of clothing is made from scratch with locally found vintage fabric and thread. Additionally, all offcut pieces of fabric and thread are saved to continue the process of making and minimizing waste.    

Creating designs with movement and flexibility in mind. I think the tactile act of putting on clothes with bows, knots, and versatility to wear one item many ways is underrated.

x Nicolette McManus

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Still, this dress is a shifty structured garment. In motion, this dress brings out a voluptuous twirl.

This is the first design I made, because I wanted a dress that maximized my movements and twirl volume <3

Want your very own swirly dress that makes you feel like a dancing mushroom? Hit me up with your measurements and fabric color/texture preferences. I will do my best to find fabrics that match your dreams.

General fit: Classic babydoll high waist. The front and back are structured with angular lines. The sides are  open to live life closer to the edge. The skirt is attached with chunky pleats across the front and back. The dress should feel spacey yet structured as you wear it, not tight in any way.

Feel free to shoot me a dm or email with any and all questions.


A multidimensional tank, designed to be worn in numerous ways around your body.

Practicality to the point of obsession. Obsessed with farmers' markets? Let's tailor jacket pockets to fit your favorite produce.


Pink monochrome hand embroidered patches, in honor of our animal counterparts who deserve more recognition and need our help.


One of my very first designs.

A flirt.